The Art Of Sand Sculpture

Sand sculptures are made using only sand and water. They can have almost any shape, size or form. It can be a castle, a human, animal, plant or a fantasy form. Ephemeral in its nature, sand art is seen on beaches all over the world. Sand sculptures are made by using only the natural materials. It is environmentally friendly and does not harm our environment. With sand as a medium you can create large sculptures in a relatively short time. It is a natural human instinct to play with sand, and it is the best way to learn three dimensional sculpting with a free and easy medium that everyone can access, young and old. With good sand and a few techniques almost anything is possible, the only restriction is gravity.

To see a sand sculpture is very special. A day earlier or a day later the sculpture might not be there. Sand sculpture is for the here and the now. It is transient and temporary, vivid and alive. It can be a very relaxing experience to create something out of sand and water, the beach. Spending time shaping and carving the sand, slowly the sculpture appears, and for a moment seems to come alive. Sand sculptors only create half of the experience; the other half is created by the viewer.