How to build a sand sculpture?

Only wet sand is used, so the working area is wetted. You can do this with a watering can, by pouring buckets of water out on the ground or using a hose pipe. Or simply build your sculpture on the wet tide line. Once the ground is saturated pat firmly with the palms of the hands, until the surface is smooth and hard. On the prepared surface we draw a basic out line of our sculpture. Damp to wet sand can then be piled with a shovel or your hands on to the centre of the outline. The sand is then gently patted into a basic shape with the hands or the back of a shovel.

Now we give the appearing sculpture a good watering and also water around the outside edges. This gives us very wet sand (mud) that can easily be scoop up by hand and put straight were it is needed. Patting of the sand removes the air in the structure which allows the sand particles to bond together tightly. Slowly scoop and gently pat the wet sand evenly. Smooth the sculpture with the hands while it is taking its basic form. Stepping away and looking at the progress is very important so we can see were we might need to put more sand or take some away. Always make the structure slightly larger than the required finished size.

The sculpture can now be shaped and carved from the top to the bottom. Brushes are good for smoothing the sand. Many different textures are possible to make in the sand, always clean away any excess sand and smooth the area around the base of the sculpture.